St. John's Lodge

Lodge Details
Serial Number: 979
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1780
Warrant of Constitution: 13 June 1780
Lodge Number (A): 211
Lodge Number (1814): 265
Lodge Number (1832): 187
Lodge Number (1863): 161
Number Notes: Also " No. 1 Ancient York Masons."
Erased: Erased 1 September 1869.
Notes (1): Is designated " S. John's Lodge," and also " Provincial Grand Lodge," in Ahiman Rezon 1804.
Notes (2): Now No. 2 on Reg. of G. L. of Nova Scotia.
Meeting Places
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Golden Ball, Halifax, Nova Scotia, North America1780
Lodge Room, Grafton Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, North America1787
Masonic Hall, Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, North America1801