Lodge of Peace (149)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1822
Serial Number: 1723
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1820
Warrant of Constitution: 20th July 1820
Warrant of Confirmation: 1st June 1821
Year of Confirmation: 1821
1894 onwards: 149
Lodge Number (A): 199
Lodge Number (A2): C
Lodge Number (1814): 247
Lodge Number (1832): 174
Lodge Number (1863): 149
Meeting Places
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Woolpack, Honley near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England1820
Golden Fleece, Station Street, Meltham, Yorkshire, England1826
Rose and Crown, Market Place, Meltham, Yorkshire, England1856
Masonic Rooms, Market Place, Meltham, Yorkshire, England1863
Masonic Hall, Wessenden Road, Meltham, Yorkshire, England1882