A "Masters' Lodge"

Lodge Details
Named in: 1738-39
Serial Number: 66
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1726
Warrant of Constitution: 2 Feb. 1726
Lodge Number (1729): 39
Lodge Number (1740): 35
Lodge Number (1755): 23
Notes (1): United with No. 47 [No. 53 of 1728], in 1743.
Notes (2): Lapsed.
Meeting Places
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Swan and Rummer, Finch Lane, London1726
Swan, Exchange Alley, Cornhill, London1730
Swan and Rummer, Finch Lane, London1731
Swan and Rummer, Bartholomew Lane, London1739
Ship, behind the Royal Exchange, London1745
Pope's Head, Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill, London1751