Romiley Lodge (4976)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1927
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1927
Warrant of Constitution: 2nd November 1927. Consecrated 28th January 1928
1894 onwards: 4976
Erased: 9th September 2009
Notes (1): Erased 9th September 2009 in order to amalgamate with Glenwood Lodge No. 6573 and Werneth Lodge No. 4478, the latter keeping its name and number
Meeting Places
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Hatherlow Top School, Gorsey Brow, Romiley, Cheshire, England1927
The Oaklands, Mottram Road, Hyde, Cheshire, England1960
Masonic Guildhall, Wellington Road, South Stockport, Cheshire, England1968
The Oaklands, Mottram Road, Hyde, Cheshire, England1981