Restoration Lodge (111)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1773
Serial Number: 491
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1761
Warrant of Constitution: 19th June 1761
Warrant of Centenary: 2nd May 1861
Year of Centenary: 1861
1894 onwards: 111
Lodge Number (1755): 263
Lodge Number (1770): 210
Lodge Number (1780): 169
Lodge Number (1781): 170
Lodge Number (1792): 144
Lodge Number (1814): 176
Lodge Number (1832): 128
Lodge Number (1863): 111
Meeting Places
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Bay Horse and Jockey [ Horse and Groom in Warrant], Darlington, Durham1761
The Sun, Prospect Place, Darlington, Durham, England1764
Private Room, Priest Gate, Darlington, Durham, England1774
Private Room, Bond Gate, Darlington, Durham, England1811
Hat and Feather, Church Row, Darlington, Durham, England1826
Fleece Inn, Blackwellgate, Darlington, Durham, England1836
Town Hall, Market Place, Darlington, Durham, England1858
Fleece Hotel, Blackwellgate, Darlington, Durham, England1862
Masonic Hall, Northgate, Darlington, Durham, England1864
Freemasons' Hall, Archer Street, Darlington, Durham, England1871