Ealing Lodge (2662)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1897
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1897
Warrant of Constitution: 4th May 1897. Consecrated 3rd June 1897
Warrant of Centenary: 3rd June 1997
Year of Centenary: 1997
1894 onwards: 2662
Meeting Places
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Victoria Hall, Municipal Buildings, Ealing, Middlesex , England1897
Town Hall, Ealing, Middlesex, England1903
Hotel Rembrandt, Thurloe Place, London, England1947
Town Hall, Ealing, Middlesex, England1963
Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge, Surrey, England1966
West London Masonic Centre, Churchfield House , Churchfield Road, Ealing, Middlesex, England1985