Loge L'Esperance

Lodge Details
Named in: 1779 [sic 1799?]
Serial Number: 362
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1754
Warrant of Constitution: 14 Dec. 1754
Earlier Lodge Name (1): French Lodge
Date of Name (1): 1761
Earlier Lodge Name (2): Ancient French Lodge
Date of Name (2): 1769
Earlier Lodge Name (3): Cumberland Lodge
Date of Name (3): 1773
Earlier Lodge Name (4): Ancient French Lodge
Date of Name (4): 1779
Earlier Lodge Name (5): Loge des Amis Reunis
Date of Name (5): 1793
Lodge Number (1740): 254
Lodge Number (1755): 193
Lodge Number (1770): 153
Lodge Number (1780): 121
Lodge Number (1781): 122
Lodge Number (1792): 110
Lodge Number (1814): 134
Erased: Erased in March 1830.
Notes (1): United with" Loge L'Egalite" No. 380 [No. 469 of 6 April 1785], in 1793.
Notes (2): United with " Loge L 'Esperance," No. 238 [No. 434 of 1768], in 1799.
Notes (3): No returns after 1821.
Meeting Places
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Crown, corner of Great St. Andrew's Street, Seven Dials, London1754
The Two Spies, King Street, Seven Dials, London1756
Fountain, Ludgate Hill, London1761
Queen's Arms, Newgate Street, London1764
Horn Tavern, Doctors' Commons, London1765
Lord Blaney's Head, Bow Street, Covent Garden, London1769
White Swan, Grafton Street, Soho, London1770
Horn Tavern, Doctors' Commons, London1771
Fox, Brewer Street, Golden Square, London1772
Duke of York, Bennet Street, Rathbone Place, London1773
King's Head, Gerrard Street, Soho, London1779
King's Arms, Grafton Street, Soho, London1786
French Hotel, Leicester Fields, London1792
King's Arms, Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London1793
Lewis's Coffee House, Air Street, Piccadilly, London1796
Prince ofWales, Lisle Street, Leicester Fields, London1797
Thatched House Tavern, St. James's Street, London1799
Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, London1810
King's Arms Tavern, Old Compton Street, Soho, London1816
Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, London1818