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Lodge Details
Serial Number: 340
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1754
Warrant of Constitution: 4 March 1754
Lodge Number (1740): 239
Lodge Number (1755): 179
Lodge Number (1770): 141
Lodge Number (1780): 114
Lodge Number (1781): 115
Lodge Number (1792): 105
Lapsed: Lapsed.
Notes (1): Last entry 27 Sept. 1800.
Meeting Places
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Chequers, All Saints, Norwich, Norfolk1754
Three Tuns, London Lane, North Cornsford, Norwich, Norfolk1763
Black Boy, Colegate Street, Norwich, Norfolk1769
King and Miller, St. Benedicts, Norwich, Norfolk1773
Royal Oak, Oak Street, St. Martin-at-Oak, Norwich, Norfolk1774
Red Cow, Cow Hill, St. Giles, Norwich, Norfolk1777
Castle and Lion, White Lion Street, St. Peter's Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk1787