Royal Athelstan Lodge (19)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1816
Serial Number: 754
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1769
Warrant of Constitution: 27th February 1769
2nd Warrant of Constitution: 7th March 1792
2nd Year of Constitution: 1792
Warrant of Confirmation: 14th July 1941
Year of Confirmation: 1941
Warrant of Centenary: 19th November 1868.
Year of Centenary: 1868
1894 onwards: 19
Lodge Number (A): 159
Lodge Number (A2): A
ReNumber (A): 10C
ReNumber (1814): 19
ReNumber (1832): 19
ReNumber (1863): 19
Notes (1): Removal confirmed by Grand Committee 6 Dec. 1775, but place of Removal not mentioned. 1775
Notes (2): No. 159 (A) purchased No. 10 (A) for �5 5s. 0d. 7 March 1792.
Notes (3): No. 10 granted and revived to the Brothers of No. 159 for�5 5s. 0d. G.L. Min. 7 March 1792.
Meeting Places
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Ship, in the Strand, London, England1769
Griffin, Villiers Street, York Buildings, London, England1790
City of Hereford, Litchfield Street, Soho, London, England1791
Red Lion, Cross Lane, Long Acre, London, England1792
Bedford Arms, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, England1793
Crown, Seven Dials, London, England1796
Coachmakers' Arms, Long Acre, London, England1803
Butchers' Arms, Clements Lane, Clare Market, London, England1803
Golden Lion, Cross Street, Long Acre, London, England1804
Golden Anchor, Cross Street, Long Acre, London, England1809
King's Arms, High Holborn, London, England1810
King's Head, High Holborn, London, England1811
Angel Inn, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, England1812
Fitzroy Coffee House, Fitzroy Street, Bedford Square, London, England1829
George and Blue Boar, Holborn, London, England1834
King's Head, Museum Street, London, England1835
Fitzroy Hotel, Fitzroy Street, Bedford Square, London, England1835
Percy Hotel, Rathbone Place, London, England1837
George and Blue Boar, Holborn, London, England1839
London Coffee House, Ludgate Hill, London, England1851
Clarence Hotel, Aldersgate Street, London, England1851
George and Blue Boar, Holborn, London, England1852
Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street, London, England1862
Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, London, England1867
City Terminus Hotel, Cannon Street, London, England1868
London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London, England1876
Mansion House Station Restaurant, London, England1876
Criterion, Piccadilly, London, England1876
Holborn Viaduct Hotel, Holborn, London, England1877
City Terminus Hotel, Cannon Street, London, England1878
Canon Street Hotel, London, England1914
Cordwainers' Hall, 7 Cannon Street, London, England1936
Sion College, Victoria, Embankment, London, England1947
Farmer's & Fletchers' Hall, 3 Cloth Street, London, England1997