Lodge of Unity (69)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1777
Serial Number: 242
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1742
Warrant of Constitution: 13 April 1742
Warrant of Confirmation: Warrant of Confirmation, 24 April 1824.
Year of Confirmation: 1824
Warrant of Centenary: Centenary Warrant, 22 Dec. 1868.
Year of Centenary: 1868
Earlier Lodge Name (1): Old French Lodge
Date of Name (1): 1758
1894 onwards: 69
Lodge Number (1740): 190
Lodge Number (1755): 122
Lodge Number (1770): 96
Lodge Number (1780): 79
Lodge Number (1781): 79
Lodge Number (1792): 72
Lodge Number (1814): 96
Lodge Number (1832): 82
Lodge Number (1863): 69
Meeting Places
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Hoop & Grapes, Greek Street, Soho, London1742
Hoop & Grapes, Coventry Street, Haymarket, London1743
King's Arms, Wellclose Square, London1756
Hooped Grapes, Coventry Street, Haymarket, London1757
White Swan, Grafton Street, Soho, London1758
Two Chairmen, Little Warwick Street, Charing Cross, London1764
The Tower, New Bond Street, London1777
Two Chairmen, Charing Cross, London1781
Horse and Dolphin, St. Martin's Street, Leicester Square, London1785
Barn, St. Martin's Lane, London1786
Repository Coffee House, Little St. Martin's Lane, London1788
Porcupine, Newport Street, Newport Market, London1794
Thistle and Crown, Suffolk Street, London1796
Anchor and Vine, Buckingham Court, Charing Cross, London1800
Duke's Court, St. Martin's Lane, London1802
Star & Garter Tavern, St. Martin's Lane, London1803
Coach and Horses, Castle Street, Leicester Square, London1805
Black Prince, Chandois Street, St. Martin's Lane, London1807
Garrick'sHead, Bow Street, Covent Garden, London1808
Lord Cochrane, Spring Gardens, Charing Cross, London1810
Wheatsheaf Tavern, Strand, London1812
Two Angels and Crown, Little St. Martin's Lane, London1813
Percy Arms, Church Court, Strand, London1818
Shakespeare Tavern, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden, London1824
Ship Tavern, Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London1826
Essex Head, Essex Street, Strand, London1831
George and Dragon, Greek Street, London1833
Bedford Head, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London1833
London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London1836
Inns of Court Hotel, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London1876