Old Dundee Lodge (18)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1835
Serial Number: 39
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1723
Warrant of Constitution: 27th March 1723 [March 1722/3 Consecrated 1738].
Warrant of Confirmation: 5th June 1839
Year of Confirmation: 1839
Warrant of Centenary: 24th June 1863
Year of Centenary: 1863
Earlier Lodge Name (1): Dundee Arms Lodge
Date of Name (1): 1770
1894 onwards: 18
Lodge Number (1729): 12
Lodge Number (1740): 11
Lodge Number (1755): 9
Lodge Number (1770): 9
Lodge Number (1780): 9
Lodge Number (1781): 9
Lodge Number (1792): 9
Lodge Number (1832): 18
Lodge Number (1863): 18
ReNumber (1729): 18
Meeting Places
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Ship, Bartholomew Lane, London, England1723
Crown, Bow Lane, Cheapside, London, England1725
Globe Tavern, Moore Gate, London, England1725
Three Tuns, Swithins Alley, Threadneedle Street, London, England1727
Castle, Drury Lane, London, England1733
Crown, Shadwell, London, England1739
Crown, New Crane, Wapping, London, England1739
Dundee Arms, Wapping New Stairs, London, England1747
Private Room, Red Lion Street, Wapping, London, England1764
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London, England1821
Alders, Mark Lane, London, England1826
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London, England1835
London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London, England1846
Bridge House Hotel, London Bridge, Southwark, London, England1876
City Terminus Hotel, Cannon Street, London, England1878
Cannon Street Hotel, London, England1914
Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, England1942
Butchers' Hall, Bartholomew Close, London, England1957
Colonial House, Mincing Lane, London, England1963
Tower Room, 23 Tower Place, London, England1981
Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth Street, London, England1983
Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James's Street, London, England1986