Lodge of Prosperity (65)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1832
Serial Number: 1548
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1810
Warrant of Constitution: 6th June 1810
Warrant of Centenary: 6th June 1910
Year of Centenary: 1910
Warrant of Bi-centenary: 5th June 2010
Year of Bi-centenary: 2010
1894 onwards: 65
Lodge Number (A): 68
Lodge Number (A2): B
Lodge Number (1814): 91
Lodge Number (1832): 78
Lodge Number (1863): 65
Meeting Places
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White Horse, Hare Street, Bethnal Green, London, England1810
Cock & Magpie, Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, London, England1811
Angel & Crown, Crispin Street, Spitalfields, London, England1815
Spotted Horse, High Street, Shoreditch, London, England1824
Angel & Crown, Crispin Street, Spitalfields, London, England1826
Grapes, Little Paternoster Row, Spitalfields, London, England1832
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London, England1838
Duke of Sussex, Thrawl Street, Spitalfields, London, England1840
Queen's Arms, Commercial Street, Whitechapel, London, England1846
Square and Compasses, Norton Folgate, London, England1847
Blade Bone Tavern, Bethnal Green Road, London, England1849
Sun Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London, England1850
Horns Tavern, No. 1 Hackney Road, London, England1852
Earl of Durham, Murray Street, Hoxton, London, England1854
Wenlock Arms, Wenlock Road, City Road, London, England1855
White Hart Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, London, England1855
Freemasons' Club, 23 Little Bell Alley, Moorgate Street, London, England1863
Rosemary Branch Tavern, Hoxton, London, England1863
Masons' Arms Tavern, Masons' Avenue, Basinghall Street, London, England1864
Jolly Anglers, Bath Street, Old Street, London, England1866
George Hotel, Aldermanbury, London, England1866
Guildhall Tavern, Gresham Street, London, England1868
Holborn Restaurant, London, England1898
Flemings Restaurant, 307 Oxford Street, London, England1956
Criterion Restaurant, Piccadilly, London, England1957
Great Western Royal Hotel , Paddington, London, England1970
The Angus Steak House, 74 Regent Street, London, England1972
London Masonic Centre, Clerkenwell Green, London, England1980