A "Masters" Lodge"

Lodge Details
Named in: 1792-1813
Serial Number: 227
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1739
Warrant of Constitution: 8 Oct. 1739
Earlier Lodge Name (1): Lodge of Peace and Plenty
Date of Name (1): 1786
Lodge Number (1729): 188
Lodge Number (1740): 177
Lodge Number (1755): 109
Lodge Number (1770): 88
Lodge Number (1780): 72
Lodge Number (1781): 72
Lodge Number (1792): 67
Lodge Number (1814): 90
Erased: Erased 3 March 1830, but made no returns after 1814.
Meeting Places
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Axe and Gate, King Street, Westminster, London1739
One Tun, Strand, London1751
Hoop & Grapes, Coventry Street, Haymarket, London1754
King's Arms, Wellclose Square, London1756
White Swan, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, London1756
East India Arms, John Street, Blacksfields, Horsleydown, London1758
Red Lion, Horsleydown Lane, Tooley Street, London1776
New Two Giants, St. John's, Southwark, London1802
Anchor and Castle, Tooley Street, London1811