Albion Lodge (17)

Lodge Details
Named in: from 1832
Serial Number: 992
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1781
Warrant of Constitution: 3 July 1781. Constituted at New York, 18 Oct. 1781
2nd Warrant of Constitution: 20 Dec. 1787
2nd Year of Constitution: 17871220
Warrant of Renewal: Warrant of Renewal as a Civil Lodge, 27 January 1829.
Year of Renewal: 1829
Warrant of Centenary: Centenary Warrant 3 April 1862.
Year of Centenary: 1862
Special Jewel: yes
1894 onwards: 17
Lodge Number (A): 213
Lodge Number (A2): A
Lodge Number (1814): 17
Lodge Number (1832): 17
Lodge Number (1863): 17
ReNumber (A): 9E
Notes (1): No. 213 (A) purchased No. 9 (A) 20 December 1787, for £5 5s. 0d to the Charity.
Notes (2): Severed connection from G. L. of New York in 1783, and retired with the English Army on the Evacuation of the City. (Hist. G. L. New York, p. xxxvii.} Continued on English Register until 1870.
Notes (3): Joined G. L. of Canada 27 Dec. 1869. Now No. 2 on Reg. of G. L. of Quebec.
Meeting Places
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Fourth Battalion Regiment of Royal Artillery, New York, U. S. America1781
St. John's, Newfoundland, N. America1783
Fourth Battalion Regiment of Royal Artillery, Woolwich, London1787
?, Woolwich, London1789
Bro. Ward's House, Quebec, Canada1790
Officers' Mess Rooms, Dauphin Barracks, Quebec, Canada1790
Frank's Tavern, Quebec, Canada1791