Lodge Ajodhya-On-Sarju (836)

Lodge Details
Serial Number: 2362
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1860
Warrant of Constitution: 7th October 1860. Consecrated 5th May 1860
Warrant of Confirmation: 22nd October 1912
Year of Confirmation: 1912
Earlier Lodge Name (1): Lodge Light in Adjoodhia
Date of Name (1): 1860
1894 onwards: 836
Lodge Number (1832): 1138
Lodge Number (1863): 836
Erased: 24th November 1961
Notes (1): Original warrant defaced
Notes (2): Joined the Grand Lodge of India on its formation 24th November 1961 to become Lodge Ajodhya-On-Sarju No. 13 under the District Grand Lodge of Bengal
Meeting Places
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Masonic Hall, Fyzabad (Oudh), India, N.W. Provinces1860
Masonic Hall, Adjoodhia, Fyzabad (Oudh), India, N.W. Provinces1880
No. 4 Civil Lines, Fyzabad (Oudh), India, N.W. Provinces1886
No. 2 Bungalow, Guptar Park, Fyzabad (Oudh), India, N.W. Provinces1892