Excelsior Lodge of Industry

Lodge Details
Named in: 1879
Serial Number: 2272
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1858
Warrant of Constitution: 17 May 1858
Earlier Lodge Name (1): Lodge of Industry
Lodge Number (1832): 1048
Lodge Number (1863): 746
Erased: Erased 5 June 1889.
Notes (1): United with " Excelsior Lodge" No. 1117 [of24 May 1866], in 1874.
Notes (2): Now No. 16 on Reg. of G.L. of Victoria.
Meeting Places
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Builders' Arms, Williamstown (Bourke), Victoria, Australia1858
Napier Hotel, Williamstown (Bourke), Victoria, Australia1870
Telegraph Hotel, Williamstown (Bourke), Victoria, Australia1872
Scudd's Club Hotel, Williamstown (Bourke), Victoria, Australia1883
Masonic Hall, Electra Street, Williamstown (Bourke), Victoria, Australia1886