Castle Lodge

Lodge Details
Named in: 1786
Serial Number: 93
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1730
Warrant of Constitution: 26 Jan. 1730
Warrant of Confirmation: Warrant of Confirmation, 8 April 1812.
Year of Confirmation: 1812
2nd Warrant of Confirmation: Warrant of Confirmation and Consolidation, 22 May 1822.
2nd Year of Confirmation: 1822
Lodge Number (1729): 71
Lodge Number (1740): 65
Lodge Number (1755): 39
Lodge Number (1770): 30
Lodge Number (1780): 27
Lodge Number (1781): 27
Lodge Number (1792): 25
Lodge Number (1814): 39
Lodge Number (1832): 36
Erased: Erased 19 Nov. 1783. Restored 11 Feb. 1784. Erased 7 June 1854.
Notes (1): United with " British Social Lodge, No, 222 [No. 332, of 29 January 1765], in 1821.
Meeting Places
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Bricklayers' Arms, Barbican, London1730
The Rose, Cheapside, London1732
Boar's Head, West Smithfield, London1738
Globe and Sceptres, Old Jewry, London1739
Swan, Holywell Street, Shoreditch, London1746
Pewter Platter, White Lion Yard, Norton Folgate, London1751
King of Prussia, Anchor Street, Bethnal Green, London1767
Castle, Quaker Street, Spitalfields, London1769
White Horse, Wheeler Street, Spitalfields, London1772
Castle, Quaker Street, Spitalfields, London1774
Crown, Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London1779
Eight Bells, Red Lion Street, Spitalfields, London1784
White Swan, Mansel Street, Goodman's fields, London1786
Ship Tavern, Water Lane, Tower Street, London1813
Angel, John Street, Minories, London1821
Hercules' Tavern, Threadneedle Street, London1821
Queen's Arms Tavern, Cheapside, London1823
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London1836
King's Head Tavern, Poultry, London1850
Radley's Hotel, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London1852