Eighty-fifth Regiment (262)

Lodge Details
Serial Number: 1379
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1801
Warrant of Constitution: 1st January 1801
1894 onwards: 262
Lodge Number (A): 298
Lodge Number (A2): B
Lodge Number (1814): 379
Lodge Number (1832): 262
Erased: Warrant returned by order of Commanding Officer, 3rd August 1846, and lodge erased.
Meeting Places
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1st Battalion, Eighty-fifth regiment, Jersey, Jersey, Channel Islands1801
Stoney Hill, Jamaica, West Indies1803
Brabourne Lees Barracks, Brabourne Lees, Kent1809
Ottery St. Mary, Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire1810
Hythe, Hythe, Kent1812
Brabourne Lees, Brabourne Lees, Kent1813
In the Eighty-fifth Regiment,1814
St. Vincent's, St. Vincent's, West Indies1845