Lodge of Friendship (206)

Lodge Details
Serial Number: 1016
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1784
Warrant of Constitution: February 1784
Warrant of Centenary: 13th June 1872
Year of Centenary: 1872
1894 onwards: 206
Lodge Number (1781): 340
Lodge Number (1792): 280
Lodge Number (1814): 354
Lodge Number (1832): 248
Lodge Number (1863): 206
Meeting Places
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Oxford Arms, Church Street, Deptford, London, England1784
Sir John Falstaff, Lower Watergate, Deptford, London, England1791
Shipwright's Arms, Deptford Green, Deptford, London, England1793
Centurion, Broadway, Deptford, London, England1821
Boar and Grove, King Street, Deptford, London, England1824
Masons' Arms, King Street, Deptford, London, England1825
Timber Hoy, Deptford Creek, Deptford, London, England1830
White Swan, High Street, Deptford, London, England1840
Lord Duncan Tavern, Broadway, Deptford, London, England1845
London and St. Katherine's Dock Hotel, Upper East Smithfield, London, England1846
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London, England1849
Ship and Turtle Tavern, Leadenhall Street, London, England1855
Hotel Cecil, London, England1908
Criterion, London, England1931
Grosvenor House Hotel, Piccadilly, London, England1932
Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, England1935