Lodge of Fidelity

Lodge Details
Named in: 1814
Serial Number: 1216
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1792
Warrant of Constitution: 12 April 1792
Lodge Number (A): 275
Lodge Number (1814): 347
Lodge Number (1832): 244
Erased: Erased 5 December 1832.
Meeting Places
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Angel, Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire1792
Turner's, The King, Oldham Street, Manchester, Lancashire1798
Lamb's, Old Shambles, Manchester, Lancashire1799
Lord Howe's Fleet, Bengal Street, Manchester, Lancashire1801
Admiral Nelson's Head, New Cross, Manchester, Lancashire1802
Earl Howe's Fleet, Bengal Street, Manchester, Lancashire1802
Junction Inn, Junction Street, Manchester, Lancashire1808
Lord Nelson Inn, Castlefields, Manchester, Lancashire1810
Hope and Anchor, Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire1810
Castle, Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire1810
North British Volunteer, Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire1812
The King, Oldham Street, Manchester, Lancashire1814
Crown and Anchor, Hilton Street, Manchester, Lancashire1817
Old Church Tavern, Old Churchyard, Manchester, Lancashire1820
Craven Heifer, Old Churchyard, Manchester, Lancashire1823
Duke of Cumberland, Cumberland Street, Manchester, Lancashire1826
Legs of Man, Portland Street, Manchester, Lancashire1832