Old Globe Lodge (200)

Lodge Details
Serial Number: 1113
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1791
Warrant of Constitution: 5th March 1791
Warrant of Centenary: 4th March 1891
Year of Centenary: 1891
1894 onwards: 200
Lodge Number (A): 267
Lodge Number (1814): 337
Lodge Number (1832): 236
Lodge Number (1863): 200
Notes (1): Worked without Warrant from Feb. 1788, afterwards under a Prov. Warrant of 23 Aug. 1788.
Meeting Places
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Old Globe Inn, Globe Street, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England1788
Freemasons' Hall, Old Globe Hotel, Globe Street, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England1798
Masonic Hlall, Londesborough Rooms, Westborough, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England1881
Masonic Hall, St. Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England1884