Otterspool Lodge (6605)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1947
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1947
Warrant of Constitution: 3rd December 1947. Consecrated 27th May 1948
1894 onwards: 6605
Erased: 12th March 2003
Notes (1): Erased in order to amalgamate with Yachtsman's Lodge No. 3698, the latter retaining its name and number
Meeting Places
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Masonic Hall, Island Road, South Garston, Liverpool, Lancashire, England1947
Carlton Masonic Hall, Eberle Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England1956
Masonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England1977
Lyceum Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England1982
Woolton Hall, Speke Road, Woolton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England1983