Albion Lodge (196)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1794
Serial Number: 1190
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1790
Warrant of Constitution: 6th December 1790. Consecrated 18th May 1791
Warrant of Confirmation: 26th August 1864
Year of Confirmation: 1864
Warrant of Centenary: 6th December 1890
Year of Centenary: 1890
1894 onwards: 196
Lodge Number (A): 263
Lodge Number (1814): 333
Lodge Number (1832): 232
Lodge Number (1863): 196
Meeting Places
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Masons' Arms, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies1790
Williams' Freemasons' Tavern, Bridge End, Barbados, West Indies1794
Masonic Temple, Mason Hall Street, Barbados, West Indies1804
Lodge Room, Forty leg Alley, Barbados, West Indies1831
Lodge Room, Bridge Street, Barbados, West Indies1843
Lodge Room, Roebuck Street, Barbados, West Indies1860
Cumberbatch Hall, Broad Street, Barbados, West Indies1864
Lodge Room, High Street, Barbados, West Indies1866
Masonic Hall, Spry Street, Barbados, West Indies1869