St. Paul's Lodge (194)

Lodge Details
Named in: 1821
Serial Number: 1181
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1790
Warrant of Constitution: 31st August 1790
Warrant of Centenary: 1st September 1890
Year of Centenary: 1890
1894 onwards: 194
Lodge Number (A): 261
Lodge Number (1814): 329
Lodge Number (1832): 229
Lodge Number (1863): 194
Meeting Places
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Duke of Cumberland, Quaker Street, Spitalfields, London, England1790
Black Swan, Brown's Lane, East Smithfield, London, England1792
Golden Anchor, Artichoke Lane, Virginia Street, London, England1794
Private Room, 101 East Smithfield, London, England1796
Dundee Arms, Nightingale Lane, Wapping, London, England1798
White Swan, Cinnamon Street, Wapping, London, England1799
Cricketers, London Street, Ratcliff Highway, London, England1800
Ship and Sun, Shadwell, London, England1806
Chequers, Love Lane, Shadwell, London, England1807
Cape of Good Hope, Blackwall, London, England1808
Cape of Good Hope, Shadwell, London, England1809
Sun and Sawyers, High Street, Poplar, London, England1810
Cape of Good Hope, Shadwell, London, England1811
Green Dragon, High Street, Poplar, London, England1811
Crown, Stationers' Court, Ludgate Hill, London, England1821
Crown and Anchor Tavern, Strand, London, England1822
George and Vulture Tavern, Cornhill, London, England1825
London Coffee House, Ludgate Hill, London, England1843
City Terminus Hotel, Cannon Street, London, England1868
Westminster Palace Hotel, Westminster, London, England1875
City Terminus Hotel, Cannon Street, London, England1876
Cannon Street Hotel, London, England1914
Cannon Street Station Restaurant, Southern House, Cannon Street, London, England1933
Talbot Restaurant, London Wall, London, England1947
Williamson's Tavern, Groveland Court, Bow, London, England1965
Devonshire Club, St. James's Street, London, England1968
Southgate Masonic Centre, 88 High Street, Southgate, London, England1976