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NameNumberWarrant DateLocation
Marble Head Lodge831760Massachusetts, U.S. of Americaview
St. Andrew's Lodge1521760St. Valier, near Quebec (Lower Canada), Quebecview
no name is given2011760Canterbury, Kentview
no name is givenA1760Stockport, Cheshireview
Mount Lebanon Lodge731760London, Englandview
St. Andrew's Lodge1521760Quebecview
no name is givenA1760Heaton Norris, Lancashireview
Lodge of Utility.1641760Londonview
no name is given821760Spanish Town, one of the Virgin Islands West Indiesview
no name is given2541760view
Golden Lion Lodge1651761Leeds, Yorkshireview
Thirty-third Regiment of FootA1761New York (New York), U.S. of Americaview
no name is given1691761Whitehaven, Cumberlandview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Londonview
no name is given2671761Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshireview
no name is given851761Sheffield, Yorkshireview
Lodge of Economy761761Winchester, Hampshireview
no name is givenA1761Londonview
no name is given2641761Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshireview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Welling, Kentview
No. 1, Philadelphia891761Philadelphia (Philadelphia), Pennsylvaniaview
Lodge Industry and Perseverance1091761Calcutta, Bengalview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Plumstead, Kentview
no name is givenA1761Bristol, Gloucestershireview
no name is given2591761York, Yorkshireview
no name is given1141761Leicester, Leicestershireview
no name is given2621761Dover, Kentview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Dartford, Kentview
Lodge of Economy761761Winchester, Plymouthview
Lodge Industry and Perseverance1091761London, Englandview
Fifty-first RegimentA1761view
no name is given2651761Portsmouth Common [now Portsea], Hampshireview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Eltham, Londonview
Thirty-third Regiment of FootA1761view
Caledonian Lodge1681761Londonview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761London, Englandview
Union Lodge1451761Crow Lane, Long Islandview
no name is givenA1761Leicestershireview
St. David's Lodge1661761Holywell, Flintshireview
no name is given921761Charles Town [Charleston], South Carolinaview
Restoration Lodge1111761Darlington, Durhamview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Woolwich, Londonview
Lodge of Economy761761Winchester, Hampshierview
Lodge Industry and Perseverance1091761Calcutta, Indiaview
no name is given951761Norwich, Norfolkview
no name is given2651761Portsmouth Common, Hampshireview
Union Waterloo Lodge131761Plumstead, Londonview
Royal Frederick Lodge1481762City of Rotterdam, Hollandview
A " Masters Lodge"2791762Plymouth, Devonshireview
Lodge of Friendship1391762Lynn Regis, Norfolkview