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NameNumberWarrant DateLocation
A " Masters Lodge"321730Londonview
no name is given641730Northampton, Northamptonshireview
Corner Stone Lodge371730Londonview
no name is given591730Londonview
Britannic Lodge331730London, Englandview
University Lodge741730Londonview
no name is given641730Londonview
A " Masters Lodge"601730Londonview
no name is given381730Lincoln, Lincolnshireview
Castle Lodge361730Londonview
no name is given581730Canterbury, Kentview
no name is given451731Londonview
no name is given701731Londonview
Jerusalem Lodge381731Londonview
no name is given711731Bury St. Edmunds [St. Edmondsbury], Suffolkview
Sociable Lodge461731Londonview
no name is given791731Londonview
no name is given491732Paris, Franceview
no name is given901732Londonview
no name is given941732Londonview
Sarum Lodge341732Salisbury, Wiltshireview
no name is given371732Londonview
no name is given831732Londonview
no name is given341732Londonview
no name is given771732Wolverhampton, Staffordshireview
no name is given1001732Londonview
no name is given451732Derby, Derbyshireview
no name is given851732Londonview
A " Masters' Lodge"791732Londonview
no name is given951732Londonview
St. John the Baptist Lodge391732Exeter, Devonshireview
Union French Lodge871732Londonview
no name is given321732Londonview
no name is given491732Paris, Seine, Isle de Franceview
no name is given891732Londonview
Anchor and Hope Lodge371732Bolton, Lancashireview
no name is given801732Londonview
Ark Lodge411732Londonview
no name is given961732Bury St. Edmunds [St. Edmondsbury], Suffolkview
no name is given481732Leigh, Lancashireview
no name is given881732Londonview
no name is given441732Londonview
no name is given621733Stourbridge, Worcestershireview
St. John's Lodge, No. 1.391733Boston, Massachusettsview
Lodge of Freedom501733Londonview
Strong Man Lodge451733London, Englandview
no name is given521733Londonview
no name is given571733Londonview
Bury Lodge of Relief421733Bury, Lancashireview
St. Paul's Lodge431733Birmingham, Warwickshireview