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NameNumberWarrant DateLocation
no name is given31721Londonview
Lodge of Friendship61721London, Englandview
Royal Alpha Lodge161722Londonview
Westminster and Keystone Lodge101722London, Englandview
Tuscan Lodge141722London, Englandview
British Lodge81722London, Englandview
Union Lodge71722Londonview
Royal Alpha Lodge161722London, Englandview
British Lodge81722Londonview
no name is given121723Londonview
no name is given171723Londonview
Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity201723London, Englandview
Lodge of Emulation211723London, Englandview
no name is given211723Londonview
Fraternal Lodge131723Londonview
no name is given151723Londonview
United Traders' Lodge151723Londonview
Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity201723Londonview
French Lodge191723Londonview
Globe Lodge231723London, Englandview
Old Dundee Lodge181723London, Englandview
no name is given171723Londonview
Lodge of Fortitude and Old Cumberland121723London, Englandview
Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity201723Chatham, Kentview
Anchor and Baptist's Head Lodge131723Londonview
no name is given261724Londonview
Lodge of St. John201724Chichester, Sussexview
no name is given251724Londonview
no name is given331724Londonview
Lodge of Cordiality321725Londonview
Old King's Arms Lodge281725London, Englandview
Castle Lodge of Harmony261725London, Englandview
no name is given411725Londonview
no name is given391725Londonview
no name is given371725Londonview
A "Masters' Lodge"231726Londonview
no name is given451726Londonview
no name is given411727Londonview
no name is given401727Londonview
St. Alban's Lodge291728London, Englandview
no name is given451728Londonview
no name is given271728Madrid, Spainview
no name is given461728Warwick, Warwickshireview
no name is given511728Londonview
Mother Lodge of St. John241728Spainview
no name is given331729Londonview
no name is given581729Oxford, Oxfordshireview
no name is given261729Lynn Regis, Norfolkview
Lodge of Antiquity21729London, Englandview
no name is given21729Londonview