I am a Teaching Associate in Digital Humanities at the Digital Humanities Institute (DHI),  delivering the Digital Culture and Communication and Cultural Data Management and Communication MA programmes.

My own research focuses on the politics, economics, and power systems of social media networks and intimate publics, as well as analysing the text, hypertext, and paratext of digital-born art forms.

Prior to joining the DHI, I organised the inaugural global conference #Reading Instapoetry during my PhD at the University of Glasgow, where I won the William Lauchlan Mann Prize and the Chancellor’s Fund for innovation and impact. I am now co-authoring the first critical collection on Instapoetry and conducting research on AI creative collaborations in poetry and narrative texts.  My M.Ed and BA in English and Education at UCLA focused on making literature more accessible to students with learning and language differences, and it is my key aim to study how shifts in digital culture can both Other and demarginalise BAME and neurodivergent individuals.