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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'The Earnest Breathings Of Forreign Protestants', John Dury
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Notes:Published by Samuel Hartlib. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 61]

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Dury, John
ST: The earnest breathings.
Wing Number: D2855   Wing Microfilm: 379.2
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THE EARNEST BREATHINGS | OF | Forreign Protestants, | DIVINES & Others: | TO THE | Ministers and other able Christians | of these three NATIONS, | FOR A | COMPLEAT BODY | OF | Practicall Divinity, | And CASES, wherein the Grace of God | hath more Eminently appeared amongst us | in these Islands, then in the rest of the World besides. | Which Work hath been long in the Heads and Hearts of | many Worthy Men to be undertaken, as appeareth by a Letter | written to Dr Usher, who much approved the same. | And an Essay of a Modell of the said Body of Divinity, by J.D. | Highly approved by Dr George Horne, Professor of the | University of LEYDEN. | Together with an Expedient tendered for the entertainment of | Strangers, who are Protestants, and by their means to advance | the Gospel unto their several Nations and Quarters. | Humbly tendered to his Highness, the next Parliament, and the good people of the Land. | [rule] | London, Printed for T. Underhill, at the Anchor in Pauls Church-yard. 1658.
4o: A3, B-H4, I2; [$3 (-A1,3) signed]; 33 leaves
pp. [9] 1-57