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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'An Earnest Plea For Gospel-Communion', John Dury
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Notes:Published by Samuel Hartlib? MS copy of title page at 11/3/2A-B. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 48]

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Dury, John
ST: An earnest plea for gospel-communion.
Wing Number: D2856   Thomason Tracts: E.739(3)
[within single rules, 164x103mm.]
An earnest | PLEA | FOR | Gospel-Communion | In the way of Godliness, | Which is sued for by the Protestant | Churches of Germanie, unto the Chur- | ches of Great Brittaine and Ireland: | ln a Letter written by them to these, | which was sent hither to that effect, | By the Hand of John Dury Mini- | ster of the GOSPELL. | [rule] | LONDON, | Printed for Richard Wodnothe in Leaden-hall- | Market, next door to the Golden Hart, 1654.
4o: π1, a1, A-N4; [$3 (-A1 F,G,N 3) signed]; 54 leaves
pp. [18] 1-89