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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'The True And Readie Way To Learne The Latine Tongue', Eilhardus Lubinus, Richard Carew, Michel De Montaigne
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Notes:Published by Samuel Hartlib. MS copy of title page at 11/3/1A-B. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 47]

[Long-Title and bibliographical description]
Hartlib, Samuel (ed.)
ST: The true and readie way to learne the Latine tongue.
Wing Number: H1002   Wing Microfilm: 941.10
THE | True and Readie Way | To Learne the | LATINE TONGUE | Attested by Three Excellently Learned | and Approved Authours of Three Nations:
Viz. Eilhardus Lubinus, a German,
     Mr. Richard Carew, of Anthony in | Cornwall;
     The French Lord of Montaigne.
Presented to the Vnpartiall; both Publick | and Private Considerations of those that seek the | Advancement of LEARNING in these | NATIONS. | [rule] | By Samuel Hartlib, Esq; | [rule] | LONDON | Printed by R. and W. Leybourn for the Common-wealth | of Learning, M DC LIV.
4o: A-G4, H2; [$2 (-A1) signed]; 30 leaves
pp. [8] 1-52