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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'An Essay For Advancement Of Husbandry-Learning', Cressy Dymock
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Notes:Published and with a preface by Samuel Hartlib. Copy of title page by Hartlib at 14/1/14A-B. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 34]

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Dymock, Cressy
ST: Essay for advancement of husbandry-learning.
Wing Number: iiH985A/D2970A   Wing Microfilm: 1307.30
[within an ornamental frame, 168x104mm.]
AN | ESSAY | FOR | ADVANCEMENT | OF | Husbandry-Learning: | OR | PROPOSITIONS | For the Erecting | COLLEDGE | OF | HUSBANDRY: | AND | In order thereunto, for the taking in of | Pupills or Apprentices. | AND ALSO | Friends or Fellowes of the same Colledge | or Society. | LONDON, | Printed by Henry Hills. 1651.
4o A-C4; [$2 (-A1) signed]; 12 leaves
pp. [6] 1-17