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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'The Poor Man'S Friend', Rice Bush
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Notes:Dedicated to Samuel Hartlib. Printed copy at 57/4/13/1A-14B. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 27]

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Bush, Rice
ST: The poor man's friend.
Wing Number: B6231A   Wing Microfilm: 1826.17
[within an ornamental frame, 173 x 116mm.]
THE | POORMANS | Friend, | OR | A NARRATIVE | of what progresse many worthy Citi- | of London have made in that Godly | Work of providing for the | POOR. | WITH | An Ordinance of PARLIAMENT | for the better carrying on of the Work. | [rule] | Published for the information and encourage- | ment of those, both in City and Countrey, that wish | well to so Pious a Work. | [rule] | MATTH. 5. 7. | Blessed are the mercifull, for they shall obtain mercy. | [rule] | LONDON, | Printed by A.M. for Tho. Underhill at the Bible in | Woodstreet. 1649.
4o: A-C4, D2; [$3 (-A1 D2) signed]; 14 leaves
pp. [6] 1-21