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Title:Title Page Details Of Printed Pamphlet, 'A Copy Of Mr John Duries Letter', John Dury
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Notes:Published by Samuel Hartlib. [HDC list of The Publications of Samuel Hartlib, Turnbull: No. 11]

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Dury, John
ST: A copy of Mr John Duries letter.
Wing Number: D2849   Thomason Tracts: E.251(8)
[within an ornamental frame]
A COPY | OF Mr. JOHN DURIES LETTER | Presented in Sweden to the truly Noble and | Religious Lord FORBES: | Briefely Intimating, | The Necessity of a Common, Fundamentall Con- | session of Faith amongst those Christians that receive the holy | Scriptures as the only Rule of Faith and Practise, and in the Scrip- | tures, have the same apprehension of the Tenour of GODS Evan- | gelicall Covenant in CHRIST | The Possibility of framing such a Confession of Faith, which infallibly | shall be approved (by Gods grace) by all those that agree in these two | fore-named Principles. | The Manner of introducing this Confession amongst them. | [rule] | Published by Samuell Hartlib. | For the better improvement of Great Brittain's solemne Covenant, and the ad- | vancement of Truth, Holinesse and Peace amongst all Protestant Churches. | Licensed and Entred according to Order. | [ornament] | LONDON, Printed by G.M. for Thomas Underhill, 1643.
4o A4; [$3 (-A1) signed]; 4 leaves
pp. 1-8