The Hartlib Papers

Title:Declaration On A New Engine, [Christopher De Berg?]
Ref:8/63/19A-23B: 21B, 22B, 23B BLANK
Notes:Latin version at 8/63/17.

     A Declaration made by me (whose name is vnder-written) concerning this new engine which was lately presented <for> to his Majesties for his vse.
1. whereunto this engine will be use full, & how farr it excells ordinary Instruments.
2. The Authors desire that he may have leave in some convenient place to proove by reall demonstration what the force, & excellency of this engine is, rather then to discourse of the vsefullness of it.
3. What helps (though small, and meane) are requisite for the framing an ocular & effectuall demonstration of the engine.
4. Somewhat concerning the reward of this worke which is here presented for[altered from to] his Majesties vse.
Touching the first. The vse of this Instrument as I have now finished it ([letter deleted] so farr forth as my poore abilitie could satisfie the reasonable expence and necessitie of sundry things requisite) is exceeding great; For the drawing vp of weightes on high from the ground as we lift, as also for transporting them from place to place, how great [catchword: or]

or little soever the distance of place be, which is not at all materiall; so that by the helpe of this small instrument, one man may (without any difficulty) draw vp 1500 weight, & that farr more easily then two strong laborers shall with any other instrument effect the same. Such also is the frame of this Instrument, that while the workemen are useing it to draw vp any weight, if happen that any are vnderneath the same lookeing vp, they shall be secure from danger, & also the weights them selves shall be [farr?] <safe> from falling although (as it sometimes comes to pass) there be somewhat broken in the Instrument. Provided only that the roapes wheron the weights doe hang, be firme, and sure. Furthermore, such is the conveniency of this Instrument, that it may be easily carryed from place to place, without the loss, eyther of nayles or pinns, or any other things wherwith in the scaffolde other instruments are usually fastned. And besides that hitherto many of those things are lost, & the reparation of the Instruments themselves will require no small charge; I finde also that those Instruments about St Paules Church will not easily be mooved [catchword: wheras]

whereas about 4 of mine some being greater others lesser, (according to the proportion of the weightes to be drawne up) will fully serve for the whole worke, because they may with little or no trouble be transported. so that the gaine of time will be great, & the worke made much more compendious, when (as I sayd) the lesser weightes may be <easily> drawne vp by one, the greater by 2 or 3; Nor will it be need full to imploy more whom oftentimes the place will not receive & by that meanes instead of furtherance the worke is much protracted.
This Instrument is more especially usefull for the drawing vp of stones & timber to the scaffold in the building of churches & high houses, so that the workemans want of materialls may with much ease & expedition be this way supplyed. Neither[altered] will this be less use full for the conveighing <of> ordinance from the ground to a ship, or from a ship to the ground <or> from ship to ship, it is use full at sea as also it will be serviceable to draw up <grain & all sortes of> fruit or any other weightie merchandize. In breife. if it happen that a ship or any thing els be <sunk> drowned they may by the help of this engine be more easily drawn forth then ordinarily they are.
In like manner (as it is now framed) It will be usefull to draw & pull away any thing

that is fastned about bridges on, or vnder the water as also for a multitude of other vses. In a word; this engine Instrument with a little alteration is every way usefull, which (if need require) I could easily performe make good
As touching the second thing. I rather desire (as I sayd) to <give> frame an ocular demonstration of this thing, rather then to declare by way of discourse, what it is good for, or wherunto it may proffitably be applyed. For as much then as its use might might especially appeare in the present structure of St Paul's Church, viz. in furnishing the scaffolds with stones, and other weighty things, and in transporting them from place to place; and <seeing> since it hath be shewed to Sir Francis Goodolfe (his Majesties deputy) of what <usefullness> excellency it is vpon the ground, my desire is that I may have a convenient place to shew openly, how proffitable it will be for the carrying things on high; <for> of such a place I am destitute. But my especial desire is that with all convenient speed, a time and place might be assigned me about Paul's church that I might there proove that this my engine doeth excell all the ordinary Instruments which have been hitherto vsed, or would <have> been[altered from be] during the time of this building. [catchword: Touching]

Touching the 3d thing. viz. what things are necessary for me to bring this ocular demonstration to effect; For as much as I have already gon beyond my self in my expences for the making this Instrument, I have no more to lay out, for scarce can I (though meanely) maintain my selfe & my family; In the meane time the things I want are of no greate worth viz. some Porters to carry the Instrument to the scaffolds, also roapes long, and strong, moreover some pieces of Timber fitt for my purpose, & lastly a convenient place in the scaffold according to my appointment. I wayt only for these helps for the more speedy effecting what I have vndertaken, for I desire nothing more then the performance of that promise, wherin I once engaged my selfe to his Majestie. Otherwise, by the defect of these helps, the thing may be buryed in silence, and so become vnproffitable, [3 words deleted] [catchword: which]

which will not only tend to my loss dammage (who have vndergon the expence <loss> of [that estate?] <those oportunities> which God hath given me <to advance my selfe>) but also to the discommoditie of his Majestie and this kingdom, for whom this labor beeing effected [letter deleted?] would become fruitfull and adventagious.
As Touching the 4th thing viz. the reward for the service which I here present, I think it not fitt to propose any thing before I have effected what I have promised, & shall in some measure deserve his Majesties favour. For as much as I have to doe with those who are carefull to retaine a good conscience & good report, who well know & consider what things are proffitable for his Majestie & this kingdome as also what the merrit of faythfull service [is?] <left margin: to> [is from?] the king et kingdome is everyone [alsoe?] [word deleted] them selves [vnto?] God I will not contract any bargain, my endeavour shall rather be to [deserve?] in a vertuous, & honest way (that which I have need of) their favourable assistance. Neither will I by any meanes seeme to distrust those whom God hath entrusted with so many things. nor yet by importunitie extorte any thing from those whom he hath set in a [better?] higher condition; although I [letter deleted] should not seeme

vnjust in so doeing. But for as much as God hath vouchsafed me a sure, & peaceable harbour vnder his Majesties wings I acknowledge my selfe much engaged to this kingdome; and therefore this is my cheife care, to according to that abilitie which God hath bestowed on me to advance the welfare of his Majestie and to wayte with patience for such subsidiaryes to my [letter deleted] present great[altered] necessitie, as it shall please God to send me.