The Hartlib Papers

Title:Memo On Flockwork And Musical Instrument, Anon
Ref:8/55A-B: 55B BLANK

A New Invention for makeing All sorts of Flockworke into Imagery Forrest worke and perspective, of All sorts of Colours without the use of any pencill Stayning or Paynting Whereas formerly, the way hath been first to lay the Flock and afterwards to paynt or stayn the Flock, or else first to paynt And Afterwards to aslight covering of Flocks soe As the paynting was to be seen thorough.
          The benefits[altered], of this Invention are[altered] That Hangings will be made much cheaper, More Uniforme, and the shapes, representations and likenesses both of Persons and things, much more true and exact then ever. Also more durable, For that Noe Moth Dust or Damp will hurt them.
A New Invention of a Musick Instrument which will hold being made of lute Strings without the use of pipe or wind, doth hold any noate As long As you please,
              Being that which Artists Iudge Impossible
                to be done.