The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Petition, Henry Bond To The Company Of Merchants Of The United Provinces
Ref:8/49/1A-2B: 2A BLANK

       To the worshipfull Company of Merchants.
        of the vnited provinces that trade to the
                   East India
    The humble petition of henry Bond an Englishman
    att London
Humbly sheweth vnto this worshipfull Company that your petitioner hath beene a studient in some parts of the Mathematicks some tearme of yeares, and hath beene a teacher of the art of Navigation, and some other parts of the Mathematicks aboue six and twentye yeares neare the Cittye of London And itt hath pleased God soe to blesse him in this studdy and industrye, by his owne and allsoe from other mens [former ? MS blotted] [obligations?] observations, that hee hath found out a secrett (the greatest naturall secrett the greatest naturall secrett that hath beene found out in many hundred yeares) for the finding the longitude of places, And knoweing that this worshipfull Company are great advancers of all learning that tends to the advantage of Navigation, itt hath encouraged your petitioner humbly to petition this worshipfull Company, not for any present great some of money, But his humble petition is that hee may bee imployed one voyage in your East India Navigation for the practice and farther verryfying of itt for which tyme of imployment hee humbly desires but fortie pounds sterling per annum, and tenne pounds sterling to fitt some instruments for his imployment more then hee hath att [catchword: present]

present, and when itt comes to bee published for your honor and the publique good of your Nation hee doth humbly desire to haue sutch a recompence as in conscience shall bee fitt for sutch a service, and your petitioner shall humbly pray &c
  Wee whose names are here vnder subscribed, professors of the Mathematickes in the Cittye of London, doe certifie all those whome itt doth or may concerne, That wee are certainely perswaded that the bearer hereof Henry Bond whome wee knowe to bee a teacher of Navigation, is able to demonstrate, and to performe what hee hath propounded (all wayes provided his secrett hee preserues to himselfe which hee hath reason for)
Sammuell Foster: professor of Astronomy in Gresham Colledge London
Daniell Whistler doctor of physicke in the Colledge of Physitians in London, and professor of Geomitrye in Gresham Colledge London
Charles Scarburgh Doctor of Physicke and fellow of Gonvile and Caius Colledge in the vniversity of Cambridge
         Iohn Leeke Philomathematicus

    To the Worshipfull Companie of Merchants
     of the Vnited Provinces that trade to the
[another hand:]
   The humble petition of Henry Bond
      an Englishman at London