The Hartlib Papers

Title:Petition In Support Of Edmond Felton
Notes:See also 8/40/1, 8/40/5, 8/40/6, 8/40/8, 8/40/11, 8/40/13 and 67/16.

Whereas a Gentleman (well knowne vnto the Honourable House of Commons) hath for neere this. 2. yeares, with his best endeavours, & expence of much Monies, bin constant to the Parliaments proceedings, for the good of the King & the Common-wealth; who hath invented, besydes many other rare & profitable things, some Engines, & Stratagems, for subduing an Army, gaineing of Townes, & keeping them from plundering; of farre better vse, then hitherto is invented, & made knowne, which hath in parte bee seene & approued of, both by Maior Generall Skippon, & others Certificates. But whither it hath bin by some Officers, or others, not well affected to his person, or the Common good, or what els the Cause may bee, the sayd Partie cannot haue any successe in his proceedings, for the good of the State, who hath now soe farre spent himselfe, that hee hath not wherewith longer to helpe himselfe. Yet it is not Vnknowne to some of good repute, hee hath bin sent for to Oxford, & a good sume of Money proferred him, to haue left for his Wife & Childrens maintenance, besides. [500l.?] a yeare; if hee would then haue tooke Horse, which hee refused, although his necessity did require acceptance of Moneys. And since that againe, hath bin profered his owne Conditions, if hee would haue gone. And it cannot bee denyed, but what hee hath made knowne to the foresayd Gentleman of Worth & quality, would haue saued some thousand pounds weekely, as also much blood-shed; yet better seruice can hee doe, then yet hee hath made knowne: but not willing to discouer any more, seeing noe vse bee made of the former. Neither doth the sayd Gentleman: desyre any thing of Guift, but by the way of Loane, that hee & his may subsist till such tyme, as vse will bee made of him & his Endeavours; then doubts hee not, but by the wayes God hath blest him in Knowledge, the Kingdome will receiue that good, that hee shall bee recompenced in such a manner, as that hee shall bee able to pay his debts, & haue sufficient for his Mayntenance. [squiggle?]
        Giuen./                     Lent./

[left margin, another hand:]
Invention of an Engine
by E. Felton.