The Hartlib Papers

Title:List Of Edmund Felton'S Inventions
Ref:8/40/11A-12B: 12B BLANK
Notes:See also 8/40/1, 8/40/5, 8/40/6, 8/40/8, 8/40/13, 8/40/14 and 67/16.

                Mr Felton's Inventions
       For good of a State, In tyme of Warre.
To subdue a great Army with little blood-shed.
To keepe the Foot from the Horse, & the Souldiers from Musquet-Shott, and thereby saving almost <halfe> the pay of 6000. Men, and in no want of the number in performance of service.
To secure Country-Townes from being plundered by the Enemies Horse, & in a very cheape way, which is most excellent also for a Citty, to overthrow a very great Army, if come against it.
To march securely, to take Townes, & with little blood-shed of both sydes, especially on the Parliaments; & to take [Fortsp.?] with other good helpes for the health & convenience of Souldiers, that shall march.
Two Sortes of Inventions of most dreadfull effects, to destroy the Fields many thousands at once: not fitt to bee used, but against Irish Rebells, Argire-Pirates, & the like Monsters or disturbers of Mankinde.
A new Art of Quilted Armour.
To doe tenne tymes better Service with Crosse-bowes, then hath beene done, against an Enemy, or for killing of birds &c.

          In tyme of Peace
A Device, to cause Waggons heavily loaden, to goe up a Steep-hill, without horse, 20. or more in a day.
To make Western barges to goe against Wind & Tyde, in a cheape way.
To preserve Mens lives, when Ships are cast away.
To make Cloath to hold out Water, not changing the Colour.
An Invention for much saving of fewell in Baking and Brewing.
To [cath?] Wild-foule in great plenty.
To destroy Wild beasts with safety.
To walke amongst Lions & beares with Safety.
To [light?] [several words deleted]

To hang a Bell in the aire
With a Racket, & a paire of But-shafts to shoote with any Man at Butts.
To walke on the Water with safety.