The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter To Lord Mayor Of London, Supporting Felton'S Engine
Dating:14 April 1644
Ref:8/40/6A-7B: 6B-7A BLANK

Right Honourable
     Wee being given to vnderstand by Edmond Felton gent: that of late hee discovered vnto the Committee for the fortifications of the City of London that an Engine of his invention will secure the foote from the horse, and the souldiers from Musquett shott; Which Engine in faire waies two men may manage at pleasure, for the seeing of which they appointed some of the said Committee to see and try the said Engine; which hath hanging brest Works, and was shott at a bout forty paces from it, the musqueteers raming in powder and bullett in their Musquetts, with full bandeleers of Powder, Yett could not the shott, peirce through the said brest worke, Which they who were appointed did see (as appeareth by their <Attestation>) and soe reported to the rest of the Committee, And being requested by the said Edmond Felton to Certifie vnder their hands of the truth of what was seene and reported of, they did accordingly, shewing vnto vs the said Attestation vnder the hands of Richard Bateman, Thomas Noel, Christopher Parke, James Story, Peter Mills, by which it appeares, the said Engine was seene & tryed the 19th of February last, 1643, And for that the said Edmond Felton for a bout this two yeares hath endevoured to have his inventions accepted of for the good of the state, And Certifying vs hee hath spent him selfe out of meanes, And hath not wherewith to subsist, nor can Longer endevoure (vnlesse enabled), in this way, Our request vnto your Honour and the rest of the Committee is, that you would be pleased to Conferre vppon him some place fitting a man of his abilities, And wee are Confident hee wilbe a faithfull servant to the City, All which wee referre to your Lordshipp and rest./
Aprill the 4th 1644
                        Your Lordshipps humble servants
                                Natha: Barnardiston
                                John: Francklyn
                                Fran: Drake./
I haue not seene the Engine
tryed, but haue vewed the frame
and hope well of it & of the
inventor   Tho: Barrington
   I haue not see the Engine
   but haue hearde much <word deleted> of it
   from a good hand, and doe
   hope well of it and of the
             Laur: Whitaker
     And soe doth Miles Corbett
Aprill 2. 1643

To the Right Honourable
 the Lord Mayor of the
  City of London and
   the rest of the rest
   of the [melicia?]
          these present