The Hartlib Papers

Title:Note On Dr Adeling'S Experiment With Printers Ink
Notes:Another copy at 71/2/1.

               Dr Adelings experiment for
              meliorating of Printers Inke
        Parallel betwixt the 2 sortes of blackes
[page is set out in two columns]
[left column:]
1. The russet colour of the blacke
with which the Printing Inke at the
present is made.
2. The [fuding?] condition of the printing
with that Inke how good
soever it may seeme to bee at the first
3. That the cause of the change is
from the defectivenes of the Colour
of the black being but a russet &
not a perfect blacke.
4. The prejudice that befalleth to
them that have weaknes of sight
from the deadnes of the decaying
condition of the Colour made with
the olde blacke
5. The makling of the Inke made
with the old blacke as in the presse
soe in the beating for the binding.
6. The grossenes of the old sort of
Inke in that there must bee 3 times
so much in the working to the simple
proportion of the new.
[right column:]
1. The Colour of the New blacke is
tending to a blew, which by all the
Printers is acknowledged to bee the
most perfect, and the most durable,
which also they have earnestly desired.
2. The permanency of the said
new blacke in printing, which may
appeare by that, which hath beene
printed maney yeares agoe.
3. The cause of the permanency
is from the blewnesse of the new
4. The benefit that will accrew to
them that read much and longe
by the permanency of the Colour.
5. The cleanes in the working in
the Presse and in the beating, for
the binding of the printing Inke made
with the new blacke
6. The extension of the Inke made with
the new blacke in the working being
3 fold larger, then that of the old.

7. What the Colour of the severall blacks are before their mixture. the same will bee the Colour in the print when it is fully dried.
    But it will bee objected that the new sort of blacke is dearer and more difficult to make the the old.
    Rp. 1 To which first I answer (& hinc illæ lachrimæ) that the covetousnes of men is such as that they will part with nothing to nourish Vertue in any new Invention, they delight to licke the sweete but not to taste the sower, or bear the sweat.
    2. I Rp. that the charges will bee greater at the first in the providing a competent number of vessels to the multiplying it then the difficulty will now bee to him that knowet how to make it.
    3. I Rp. That no New Invention (not Printing itselfe) at the first can bee either easie or cheape til time by industrious endeavours bring it to perfection.
         Considerations to bee premised
1. That the new blew-blacke is of a farre purer nature then the sooty conditio of the old russet blacke, & therefore is præpared with more Art greater difficulty and cost
2 That the Vessels for the præparing the said new blew-

blacke being of divers metals and various figures together with the great number of them, that will bee required for the making a proportionable quantity, necessary for the universality of printing will bee the greatest charge, which when they are præpared will (with carefull usage) bee serviceable a whole Age
3 That though the Inke to bee made with the said new blew-blacke should be of greater price, then the Inke to bee made with the old russet blacke, yet will it not bee dearer, but rather cheaper in that the expension of the new is 3 fold more then the old as hath beene long since experimented and may againe, if there may bee impartial dealing used in the working of both the sortes of Inke old & new.
          Several propositions laid downe.
1 That there bee a competent sume of money issued out of some Publique Revenue or joint stocke for the providing a competent number of the said vessels and materials for the uses as is afore said.
2. That in case the Maker of the Inke with the new blew-blacke bee constrained to vent the said Inke at a lower rate then can bee afforded, whereby a livelyhood may bee obtained for himselfe and his, that then there may bee

a competent annual Stipend setled upon Him & his for that service to bee paid out of some such publicke Revenue or joint stocke as is afore mentioned.
3. That the said maker of the said Inke to bee made with the said new blewblacke shall (within one Quarter of a year after all the Vessels and materials shall bee præpared) constantly and continually supply the company of of printers in London with the said Inke without the addition of any of the old Inke made with the russet blacke at such rates as shall bee mutually agreed upon.
4 That the said Company of Printers shall bee ingaged not to mix the said inke made with the new blew-blacke with any other sort of Inke made with the old russet sort of black.
5   That the Company of Stationers shall bee obliged to pay the said annual stipend (which shall bee mutually agreed upon) to the said maker of the said Inke with the said new blacke every Quarter of a year.
6. That the mutual Agreements between the said Company and the said Maker of the said Inke with the newe blew-blacke, bee inserted into the Ordinance of Parliament to bee passed for Authorizing the said Company of Stationers to print Bibles that soe they may receive confirmation from Publique Authority.