The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Cheney Culpeper To Hartlib
Dating:25 January 1647
Ref:8/31/1A-3B: 3B BLANK

Mr Hartlib;
      I cannot be in towne this weeke, nor from the towne the nexte, ; I shall (for the [letters deleted] presente) onely tell you, that I am very confidente (from those seuerall touches which you haue giuen me of Mr Petits ingenuity), that bothe his multiple writinge & in his printinge is to be done by by that instrumente which (you knowe) I firste learned out of a booke which you lente me & had afterwardes made by [letter deleted] your nayghbor, I meane the parralellogramme instrumente; The inlarginge or lesseninge of any mappe is this laste weeke tryed by it; & there hathe beene suche an essay of multiple [letters deleted] writinge with it as (from <what> is tried & what I reade in your letters) the whole thinge is plaine to me, I fully see the way of writinge sixe copie coppies with one motion, & I apprehende more then a be possibility of [letter deleted] writinge yet more; I say againe, I will not be certaine [letters deleted] that it is his way, but I cannot be more confidente then I am that it will proue a way bothe[altered] easy & certaine; The chiefe addition which Mr Petit hathe made of to it is, some kinde of brasse pen not alltogether vnlike the ruling pen but somewhat otherwise made, which (being

filled will inke will continue writinge a [letter deleted] longe time without a recreute & this is the advantage by which the copies will be writte in a shorter time then <by> another that [word deleted] resortes often to the ynke horne will write one coppy; & <to> proue that they are some suche pennes, yf you ve viewe the copies you will (I beleeue) finde all the strokes of one f bigen bignes; The right placinge of these pennes by screwes or otherwise & of the papers vnder them, a very little practise will discouer;
Towardes makinge this instrumente fitte for printinge there must be added to th'invention, of <of> [suche? altered] a grownde of waxe & resin mixed with Ceruse or red leade et cet according to the color that is shall be accownted[altered] beste; suche a grownde I say, as is used for Etchinge, that soe the a sharpe pointe woorkinge throwgh it to the mettall may leaue the letters fitt to be firste eaten by Aquafortis & then <the> plate thus eaten, will afterwarde printe 30: or 40: or more copies; The greateste[altered] difficulty, which yet I soone fownde, was howe to make the Paralellogramme [word deleted] write backwarde, that soe it mighte (like the ordinarie printeries) printe the write wright way & it is done thus
      b [two adjoining diamond shapes] r
Let the fixed center of the paralellogramme be in the middle of :a: & then yf the hande

write letters [word deleted] [forwarde? MS torn] at :r: the <very> same kinde of hande & letters will be written backwarde at :b: & that in a greater or lesse proportion accordinge as the paralellogramme is ordered; There is yet (I consceiue) another way then by etchinge, when the letters shall be defended & the reste of the plate onely, soe a eaten, as that the letters shall [letters deleted] not be like the hallowenesses in etchinge, but stande out like the letters of an pri a ordinary[altered] printery, off of this laste I am not soe sure, but a greate <deale> confidente; The instrumente is very applicable to manye other endes; I conceiue (by carrijnge the hande ouer a glasse or vpon the backside of a parchement in a darcke roome) that one that [letter deleted] can but runne (with a [blunte? MS torn] pointe) runne ouer <or vpon> the lineamentes or strokes that are before be him, shall be able (more [letter deleted] then the firste inventer, (mentioned in your booke) promised) to make an exacte picture of any thinge & yet see, neyther the thinge nor his owne woorke; I haue spente my paper & time vpon this subl Subjecte;
Yf it were not too muche I cowlde wishe Mr Wheeler wowlde gratify you with his way of keepinge [fleshe? altered], which being to be done onely by an intence [letter deleted] colde & drines, might be apl applied not onely to the application preseruation of many [letters deleted] other thinges, but (which I moste valewe it for) to hygh conclusions in philosophy, I meane Chimistry[altered], & that not in the ordinary way of distillation, but in that hidden & inwarde [left margin:] motion which [letter deleted] nature makes within herselfe; but I am out of my way Yf you aske Mr Pettit whether his printinge will not be onely, like written hande & not like the printinge character, you will (by it) see whether I haue hit right
                      Your aff: frind
                           Ch: C:
Ian: 25th

For Mr Hartlib at
      Dukes place

I haue missed, in not takinge the right center of the rule or parallellogramme; but let not cause you to diffide, for as I haue fownde my error, soe (yf I had time), I am confidente, I cowlde nowe [shewst?] set downe the right way; but this is shewed better by ocular demonstration then by discowrse or writinge, & more of this when I see you
      [squiggles] b [diagram] r [squiggles]
suppose a: to be fixed; & then whatsoeuer you write right forwarde [with?] :r: will be [word deleted] written backe warde (& soe to be reade vpon the other side of the paper) by :b:; & <will> (by that meanes) printe forwarde & the right way, eyther by etchinge or perhaps by [the? MS edge] other way