The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Note In Hand ?, Queries About Invention
Ref:8/14A-B: 14B BLANK

Whether the Invention may be practised without discovering it. [right margin:] Qu 1.
Whether it hath been alreadie tryed & practised & who can witnes it. [right margin:] Qu: 2.
In what Proportions the [350?] lb: is to be payd (id est) at how many times how much at each tyme and when those times are. [right margin:] Q: 3.
What securitie shall be given for the first mony, which must be payd before any ground or crop be visible?. [right margin:] Qu. 4.
Whether the way in Generall may not bee discovered to honest men as whether it be done by some Instrument for setting Corne (which seemes most likly) or making some extraordinary new Compost [right margin:] Qu. 5..[a?]
Answer to the first. It may if the place be chosen accordingly. [right margin:] A. 1.
Never the whole worke but some parts have 100 miles from London from whence I cannot now fetch witnes, neither did I then intrust above one or two with any part of the buisnes. [right margin:] A. 2.
  At the first - 150. lb for the buying[altered from bying] of cattle and other necesseries about St Jamestyde, & 25 per weeke for 8 weekes. [right margin:] A: 3.
   The Iudgment aforesaid the asignement of 300 lb that is double the sume first payd dew to me for my wifes portion, as shall [ageane?] or any other that can bee devised just and in my Power. [right margin:] A 4.
    It is partly of both but principally <for> to dispose the seed into the ground that the distance and depth shall bee equall and much remaines to bee done after the Corne is sowed. [right margin:] A: 5. [a?]