The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extracts In Hand ?, [Dury] To [Hartlib?]
Dating:10 July, 17 July, 7 August, 14 August 1642
Ref:6/4/139A-142B: 142B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p229) suggests to Hartlib. Copies at 6/4/135, 6/4/143, and partial copy at 6/4/151.

                   Hague 10. Iuly. 1642.
  I am entreated since I came hither to vse my best endeauors to moue the Prince Elector Palatine to come hither. The Grounds are such as to my Iudgement should persuade. I will acquaint you with the substance thereof and desire your assistance therein. I know that great Præparatives are made for a Party for him in Germany, which in due time will shew it selfe, if he be not wanting to his owne Cause, and were[altered from weare] nearer hand to negociat it for himselfe. I say I know this vpon certayne and authenticall euidences which haue been communicated to mee, and whereof you shall hereafter be more fully enformed by him that deliuereth these vnto you. Only my desire is, that for the good of that House, and of the Protestant Cause in Germany, you would vse your best industry to moue him to transport him selfe hither, and <to moue> for him towards others, that some assistance of money may be prouided to put him in some case; that when those that are resolued to rise in Armes for him and his Cause (which is their owne also) shall appeare, and be in full readynesse, he may not be disenabled for want of a small matter of money to ioyne himselfe vnto them in some considerable fashion. I entreate you to thincke vpon this Proposition seriously, and to conferre thereof with such as are most trusty. The Swedish Advancement into Germany is but a Præparative to this which hath been imparted to mee. The Lord shew you the ways of Peace & Trueth [catchword: to]

to the advancement of his Glorie. ETC.
                   Hague 7./17. Iuly.
  I pray you let Mr Borthwick and other good Freinds that fauour the Prince Electors Cause vnderstand that there is a Party framing for him in Bohemia and Hungaria, whereof I haue assurance vnder authenticall declarations which haue been shewed <vnto> mee by him whom the Leaders of the Party haue intrusted the managing of their affaires toward Forrainers. Hee is a Man of good repute here, and doth assure me that this State will be ready to contribute two Millions of Florens for the furtherance of the Plot, and the arming of the Party against the House of Austria, when things shall be brought to some maturitie. Therefore hee and I also doe greatly wish that some meanes may be vsed to bring the Prince Elector ouer vnto these quarters, and that his well affected Freinds would assist him with some supply to make him considerable amongst those that waite for an opportunitie to rise with him. I pray you conferre with our best affected Parliament Men, to see what can be hoped to bee done for him, and with Mr. Borthwick to see how he might be brought hither with all speed with his Maiesties permission. The Swedish offer to the Prince Elector or any of the Princes Palatine their assistance, if they would come to ioyne with them, [catchword: and]

and bring some money or Forces. But this is not the Party which I meane. It is yet another Party which lieth vnder Decks, and will appeare rather for him then any to vindicate their owne liberty. Ragozi as we are enformed hath resigned his gouerment to his Sonne, and is in Armes himselfe to ioyne with the Hungarians who will haue a new King. This is but a Præparative to that Party which may be made for the Prince Elector, if he could be assisted with some money to become the Head thereof. The Buisinesse is negotiated very farre allready with seuerall Princes, and also with the Swedes something hath been done. I pray you let me heare from you, what hopes there may be to further this matter by your meanes.
               Hague 28. Iuly./7. August. 1642.
  As for the Buisiness of the Prince Elector whereof I wrote vnto you, I am bound partly by myne owne discretion, and partly by promise not to hazard the relation therof, for feare it might be discouered before the time, to such as might be able to hinder the progresse thereof: except therfore I had a sure hand, I cannot well impart more then I haue done, Which is to tell you that a New Party is framing for the maintaining of that Cause for which the Prince Elector doth suffer, and that allthough the Swedish should prosper neuer so much (except they goe so farre as to put the Emperour quite out of his [catchword: Throne]

Throne, and dissolue the Electorall Colledge totally, and frame a new Gouernment, such as the Protestants could wish) they will appeare for themselues, and embrace the Palatine House as the Head of their Party, if by any meanes Hee the Prince Elector can be made considerable with some assistance of Men and Money to come vnto[altered from to] them. Hee with whom[altered] I am acquainted here hath shewn mee the authenticall Documents and Obligations of those that are resolued to ioyne, and <his> Plenipotence from them to sollicite assistance in due time. This doth make mee earnest for the Prince Elector that it may be thought vpon before hand how he might be holpen and assisted with a considerable summe to come ouer and be amongst them like himselfe. If God send you a happie accommodation of matters, you shall instantly know more of these matters; because he who is the cheife Agent therein shall come ouer vnto you. But if you fall more and more into dangerous Diuisions, it is but in vayne to moue any further in it amongst you. Yet I would not haue you to let the motion fall: For we know not what God may produce; and how soone against all humane appearance your Troubles may be composed. But I pray you, let nothing be blazed too much abroad of this Party, or of any such Plot in agitation.
                   Hague 14./4[altered]. August.
  The matter which I haue motioned concerning <the> Prince Elector Palatine was imparted vnto mee by Him whose name [catchword: you]

you haue had to be marcked with 229. Hee is authorized by the Cheife Men that intend the worcke of a Party in Bohemia to solicit assistance from them. His Plenipotence vnder a great many Seales I haue seene, and the way how the Buisinesse should be carried in due time, is agreed vpon; only they wayt for a fit season to appeare, which will not be without the Prince of Transilvania and the Prince Elector if this can be made any way considerable. The Souldiers of Sweden come only to fetch a prey, and in those parts to weaken the Emperour: nor should they that you speake withall imagin that Ragozi would engage himselfe. If he should appeare he must haue neighbours to goe along with him, whose strength is nearer at hand then Sweden is to Transiluania. Therefore let not that be an argument of discouragement, but rather of encouragement, that Ragozi doth not appeare: because it is more answerable to the Plot, that hee be quiet allthough the Swedes prosper, then that he should ioyne with them: For if they should be beaten or retire, which in [word deleted] the end they will doe, then he should be left in the lurch. As for the Prince Elector Palatine, hee will be looked vpon as the Head, because his interest is the same with that which others will seeke to advance: Viz. the Libertie of Conscience, and Priviledges of State. I could wish that he might be so farre assisted as to retire into Denmarck, to liue there till matters [catchword: were [altered from weare] ]

were[altered from weare] some way or other composed in great Brittaine. For by this retreat he would be free from the Iealousies of both sides, and somewhat nearer the Occasions that might fall out, and the Party that is framing; Only hee must be able to subsist there like himselfe. And me thincks his well willers might easily supply him with so much. And beleeue it, the Parliament cannot doe a better Turne for themselues then to weaken the Austrian Designes in Germanie: For the Pope and Emperour bestirre themselues to trouble Matters in Great Brittaine cheifly for this end to diuert you from meddlyng with Forrain affaires. Therefore to disapoynt them of their Plot, it would be very expedient to giue encouragement to those <that> in Germanie will be ready to shew themselues Zealous for their Liberty of Conscience and Priviledges. It is the depth of their Policie to fortifie a Party in Great Brittaine against Protestancy, to disturb the quiet thereof. It would be in like manner a mightie advantage for vs against them, to giue them so much a doe at home, as that they should haue little cause to thincke of disquieting vs. Howsoeuer things shall fall out amongst you hereafter, the entertayning of this Motion is necessarie for the Palatine affaires, and must not be let fall to the ground, if by any meanes it can be vpheld: Seing it is apparent that a Providence is still worcking for the Restitution of that House; and that by the Restitution thereof the Protestant Cause will be mayn- [catchword: -tayned]

-tayned, and without it be restored, there is no hope to keep <the Libertie of our> [my?] proffession entire in Germany; and if it be lost there, it will be euery where els assaulted and diminished by Plots or open Violence, as opportunitie may shall be offered. Therefore to conclude, I affirme that there is no readyer way to free themselues from Iealousies[altered] against the Prince Elector and him from straits and inconveniences, wherin he is harmlessly and ineuitably wrapped as long as hee stayeth in England if Broyles continue, and to help the cause which they would advance; which is True Protestancie in the Churches[altered from Church], and in their owne State Securitie from Austrian Plots and Attempts: I say to gayne all these ends, there is no better, nor more expedite meanes, then to furnish the Prince Elector with considerable assistance to goe abroad into Denmarck and Germany to attend the Occasions which will be offered to him in the present agitation and change of affaires. I pray you let them consider, that in this Counsaile, their owne safety[altered] is many ways interessed. ETC.
   These Reasons you may vpon occasion debate with them, and intreate them not to hinder their owne advantages, and the good of their Freinds with superfluous Iealousies./