The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To [Sir Thomas Roe]
Dating:7 January 1641
Ref:6/4/101A-102B: 102A-B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p218) says probablyto Roe.

Right Honourable
I have vnderstood by Mr. Hartlibs letters, partly to my selfe, & partly to others, what the state of affaires is at home, & how my presence is desired amongst yow. I am resolved therefore to transport my selfe with the very first opening of the waters when a shipp is ready: & lest in the meane time the occasion might slipp; for it is vncertaine when I shalbee able to come. I leave it vnto your Honours wisdome to consider whether it bee fitt, that this write of mine should bee insinuated vnto the House or no. your Prudencie will judge of the season, & way of proposing my desire, when & how it may bee done best; & if I durst bee so bold I would humbly intreate your favour to present the supplication either your selfe, or by some fitt man of the Clergy; I know not the custome of the house therefore I know not what to desire in the formalitie of obtaining my request. if the Parliament will depute some for the minding of the worke, & give them full power to agitate therein, I can take Comission from them although it should bee dissolued before my arrivall. I heare that they have had a resolution to settle a Competency vppon mee to subsist in prosecuting of the businesse hereafter: if it fall out so I will judge that it is gods will I should proceed in a more publique way, then hitherto I have done; but if they settle nothing yet I cannot faint in well doeing so farr as God doth give mee abilitie; I have much to relate of Bremen, Oldenburg & Embden, & somewhat of Dr. Alting, but time will not suffer mee to enlarge. I cease not to pray for the successe of all your Counsells, & that the point of innovating the Church-Goverment may not cause a breach amongst yow, the lord of heaven direct yow, & establish his truth & with it his true Discipline both spiritually, & outwardly amongst yow: till I see your Honour. [catchword: I]

I shall not cease to meditate, & pray for the light to give in due time advice which may bee vsefull. Thus commending yow, & your vertuous Lady with your whole family & therein Mrs Wingfeild in particular I rest
                              your Honours
                        most obliged & humbly affectionat
Amsterdam this
  28 Xber 1640/7 Ian 1641.          Iohn Durye