The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To [Sir Thomas Roe]
Dating:4 September 1640
Ref:6/4/81A-82B: 82B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p216) says to Roe.

         [Hartlib's hand: Hamburg the 4. of Sept.1640.]
I have received a very kind letter from the Queen of Sweden her Preceptor Ioh. MatthiƦ, who earnestly doth intreat me not to leave of my worke, et desireth me to communicate unto him all that which I putte to print: but I see no great probability of putting any thing to the presse in haste, seeing my rents come not in, et the allowance which of late I have received is scarce so much as will maintaine me in meat et clothes. for the contribution which Mr. Hartlib sent unto me was 45. Rixdollars. there is an invincible aversnesse in my mind in <from> continuing in such a kind of life, et yet the affection to proceede in my worke[altered from worcke], et in the way of proceeding which is free from partiallity is no lesse invincible. therefore I desire so much a settlement which may not separate me from the occasions of my negotiation, et that meane[altered from mane] et low way which I did pitch upon as it seemed to me most convenient, et not likely to be denied, so I had no further after thoughts in it because I suppose that spirituall intentions the more simplely they are taken up, the more pleasing they are to God. et though I may be thought a foole for thincking so meanely of my self yet I have this comfort that I doe it <right margin, H: for the exalting of my worke to make it> the more free et independant from humane intentions, which is my safest guard both before God et men. for I am not ignorant what adversaries of mine owne nation iudge of me, et what others suspect me to bee; but I can beare more then that for a good cause, tyme will trye the trueth of all matters, et surely he that is most spiritually affected with will have lesse [catchword: cause]

cause to be ashamed of his intentions et carriadges. therefore I study to learne the meaning of this Apostolicall Paradox 1. Cor. 3. 18. 19. Let no man deceive himself, if any man among you seemeth to bee wise in this world let him become a foole that he may be wise: for the wisdome of this world is foolishnesse with God for it is written he tak taketh the wise in their owne craftinesse. therefore I will neither bee nor seene to bee wise or subtile in any of my purposes; but in singlenesse of heart beeing reddie to beare the reproach of Christ, who became less et lower for me then I have intended now to become for him et his workes sake. I will by his grace who hitherto hath inabled me persist in the way his providence may shew unto me. Your Honour left the motion which I made as a thing not practicable with my Lords Grace, et therefore thinck <bidde> me thinck better of it; now I have thought of it the best way the best way that I can, et for a finall resolution can say no more but this, that where I cannot runn I will goe, et where I cannot go I will creep[altered], et that I will never sticke to leave the greatest hopes et advantages of this world for the least matter of moment in my spirituall calling. if God had not made me free from self seeking intentions, I should not have any assurance that ever he would go along with me or blesse my endeavours, but now I have hope, et rather then I should should loose the least graine of this assurance I will forgoe all the hopes of favours which all the greatnesse of this life can yeeld [catchword: unto]

unto me. when I enter upon this matter my thoughts are so full that I cannot breake of but yet to make short, I am resolved thus, not to trouble my mind with these thoughts any more, nor to project for myself nor for my worke in a worldly way; if it bee Gods worke let him looke to it, et if I bee in it his servant I have a promise that if I seeke his Kingdome all other things will be added unto me. [Hartlib's hand:] I have sent to Mr. H. an English Narrative of my proceedings if it may bee licenced that such as are able Spiritually to assist the worke may know the circumstances therof. I will require your Honours fauorable assistance therin, and if any thing bee in it which may offend I am willing it may bee altered or blotted out./