The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To [Sir Thomas Roe]
Dating:3 July 1640
Ref:6/4/68A-69B: 69A-B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p213/4) says it is to Roe.

     Right Worshippfull
Allthough I haue no materiall occurrence to give notice of, yet I am desirous to let you know that in answere to a letter from my Lord Bishop of Exeter to me I have told him of the motion which in my last I made to your Worship concerning mine abode in this place, et the intention of becomming a coadioutour to Mr. Elborough. the great kindnesse which he did professe unto me gave me this freedome for having told me what had passed in the Synod concerning me, et how he would become a sollicitour for me towards my Lords Grace to put him in mind of his promises made on my behalfe. I shewed him my intentions to aspire no higher then the preferment of my worke et if I could be permitted to stay heere, and agitat the businesse in mine owne way, et have so much maintenance as to keepe two of three writers to coppye out things to be communicated; that then I would thinck my self sufficiently assisted till God should bring the matter to such maturitie, as may require a more publick concurrence in the worke. I thought good to advertise your worship of this; that your motions et thoughts for me, or rather my worke (for I desire not to be any thing out of the worck) may bee coincident, et if you thinck fitte also communicated together to second one another towards my Lords Grace. I suppose my request will be thought no great matter, yet because I take it; the fittest thing that I can intend for the present, therefore I will raise my desire no higher; et [catchword: if]

if I bee made a Coadioutor to Mr. Elborough with some allowance of meanes to entertaine some few scribes to uphold my correspondencie, one thing I am resolved to intend above that which I have formerly mentioned, et that is, to introduce on the Lords day in the Afternoone a practise of Catechising by Question et Answere. I hope I shall be able to bring Mr. Elborough to it; either to doe it himselfe, or else to suffer me to doe it without any contestation: but I would not have this intention of mine to be any wayes notifyed unto him, except it bee with my Lords Grace liking, that I should hereafter when I am setled his coadioutor intend this matter: et then also in this case I would not have any breake the matter to him besides myselfe, except it might be thought expedient to enioyne us both so to doe, which perhaps will be the fittest way.
   The Divines of this towne et of Lubeck are beating their braines about an Answer to be given to me: Hunnius of Lubeck hath promised to putt it in the best termes that he can conceive, et more then this I cannot desire. The Lord et Prince of Peace direct him et us all in the way of Peace et trueth. The Grace of God remaine with you et yours eternally, even as I shall allwayes desire it for my self, so I shall pray for you, et remaine
     your worship
Hamburg this 3. of Iuly       his most humble et obliged
    Anno 1640.                    Servant
                                           Iohn Durye.