The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To Mr Lamot
Dating:8 May 1640

                        [Hartlib's hand: To Mr Lamot.]
Worthy Sir
If the Constant affeccion which you beare vnto my worke should not worke some reciprocall affection in mee towards you I mihgh might iustly bee thought vnworthy of all good will & Benevolence And as your good will hath beene ought <H: oft> tymes heretofore as well as now of late testifyed by reall effects which my Freind Mr H hath received for my vse from your Liberality Soe my mutuall affeccion ought not to bee without some wittnes that your seed is not fallen into a barren ground The least of all other tokens is to acknowledge the Receipt of your Benificence And yet this least is even allsoe the most that I find myselfe able to doe For when I make mention of it before God that hee would bee pleased to allow it vnto your account I doe noe more but acknowledge it vnto him for whose sake you did enlarge your selfe towards mee I say I acknowledge y his bounty in your accion of love & your action in his Providence because hee maketh you an Instrument of his good will vnto my worke <left margin, H: which> for[H alters from For] his sake I doe my best endeavours to prosecute. I know noe other Cause why God will have mee to entertaine soe many Relacions with soe many men but this That his pleasure is to have all honest hearts to concurre in a work wherein the Communion of Saints is to bee perfected. I hope hee will give mee strength to persist in the Straites & necessityes wherevnto hee doth call mee to accomplish his Service Therefore allsoe I faint not for I walke not in mine owne strength[altered from strenght] nor doe I trust to any

outward thing but onely to the good will of him that was seene in the bush For the bush did burne continually & yet consumed not because hee was in it who giveth life & strength & all support vnto those that burne with Zeale towards his glory & are in Fiery tryalls for his sake It is the God who quickeneth all things whose strength & incomprehensible power is seene in human weakenes Therefore I say againe I faint not because I know to whom I have trusted & will care onely for this that whiles I have occasion I may doe good according to the ability which hee supplyeth As for the Event I will leave it vnto his blessing For whatsoever face it may have vnto the world yet at his owne tyme[altered] hee will make it serve vnto his owne Glory And this shall bee the praise due to your benevolence in that day that you that you have not beene vnmindfull of his poore Servants but have helped to beare some part of theire outward Burthens according to your abilityes. And if you labour allsoe in Spirit to beare by prayers some of the Spirituall Burthen in remembring mee & the Successe of my endeavours before the throne of Grace where I will study to meet you, you may bee sure that this will bee an acceptable Sacrifice before God. In him I acknowledge my selfe
                        your humble & affeccionat Servant
  Hamburg 8 May
      1640                        I. D.