The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To [Mr Calami]
Dating:24 April 1640
Ref:6/4/42A-43B: 43B BLANK

      [Hartlib's hand: To Mr Cal.]
Reverend & Worthy Sir
The Testimony of your good will towards mee & my worke given a long while agoe vnto my deare freind Mr. H: for my vse might bee a wittnes of myne vngratitude if I should not at all acknowledge my selfe beholden vnto you & have cause to praise God on your behalfe for it. I take it as a fruite of your Spirituall & as an evidence that seing you are mindfull of my outward estate that your prayers are not wanting towards the cheife thing which is to bee considered in mee[altered from my] For I would faine bee an object not of outward but of inward Charity that the thoughts & affeccions of learned & Godly men may reflect more vpon the Spirituall part of my worke then vpon my person or my bodily estate I rejoyce then not in this that I am provided with necessaryes & supported outwardly But herein[altered from hereing] <left margin,H: that> I see gods worke in the Spirits of his faithfull Servants drawing them to affect the vnity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. This is the Subject of my joy & thankesgiving vnto God on your behalfe that hee doth manifest in your Remembrance of mee his providence & care to stirr vp for <left margin, H: the performance of> his owne worke fitt & able Instruments who take the Cause of his Churches to heart & thinke vpon the ways of publique peace & edificacion how in due tyme to concurre therein with others I am perswaded this is one of your Serious Intentions & waighty meditacions how to contribute some of your [word deleted] <spirituall> talents towards this ayme that the hands of others may bee strengthened therein by your meanes. Heerein you will oblige

not onely mee but all the Children of peace & the whole Church of God & give mee abundantly cause to remember you at the throne of Grace which as I will constantly endeavour to do Soe I am confident you will reciprocate & I desire you not to impute this slow acknowledgement of the token of your love vnto any neglect or forgetfullnes but vnto the want of opportunity & tyme to satisfy all the duetyes which I owe first vnto the worke & employment wherein I am & then vnto the persons to whom I owe particular respects Many outward relacions lye heavily vpon mee & mightily distract mee But God in his owne tyme will eyther free mee from them or give mee grace to stand soe vnder them that I shall find them more vsefull vnto mee & his worke then if I were at full liberty without them I beleive that hee worketh[altered from workethe] all for the best to such as love him therefore I study onely this to love all things that come from him whatsoever face it doth outwardly carry knowing that in love to him I shall find it sweete I doe not write any particulars of my busines but desire to referre <left margin, H: you> vnto my deare freind Mr. H: who knoweth all the circumstances thereof & one thing I desire you to crave of him that hee would give you a coppy of a certaine letter written to a certaine <learned> freind for to have his opinion concerning a case of Conscience or doubt in my worke how to proceed in it if some Lutherans should bee vnwilling & averse from all treatyes of vnity except[altered from esxcept] an expresse condicion <underneath, H: should bee made>

that the way of settling peace[altered] & the meanes vsed to that effect bee such as the Papists in the Roman Empire shall have nothing to except against. Of this case as you will see it proposed in that letter I desire to know your opinion that as your liberality in outward things is a helpe to my sp support Soe your Counsell in matters of Spirituall Moment may bee a me meanes of direccion vnto mee that I may bee found in all things without offence I commend you & your labours vnto the Grace & blessing of God & rest in him
                         Loveing & affeccionat
                         Fellow labourer in the Gospell
                                  I: D:
[Hartlib's hand:]
Hamburg the 24. of
   Apr. 1640.