The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To Lady Cecil
Dating:17 April 1640
Ref:6/4/38A-39B: 39A-B BLANK

      [Hartlib's hand: Hamburg the 17. of April 1640.]
Having vnderstood that your Ladyshipp hath bestowed a gratuity vpon mee a stranger whom you never saw I find my selfe soe prevented that I am at a stand not knowing what to say in token of thankefulnes And because words fitt to expresse the affeccion due to such a kindnesse faile therefore I have turned my thoughts vnto God in whom & for whose sake I know your Ladyship hath taken notice of mee that as your favour is conferred rather vpon his gifts in mee then vpon my selfe; soe my gratitude may reflect vpon him & through his goodnes vpon your noble person Thus then to him I give the praise of your bounty that his vertue may bee glorifyed in the fruites of your righteousnes from whence this vn vnexpected benevolence is proceeded which is soe farr vndeserved by mee that I would have made Conscience to receive it if I were not perswaded that it is a sacrifice acceptable vnto God for his worke in the Churches Soe it will bee a fruit abounding to your accompt in the day of the Lord, To which effect seing I have none other testimony of gratefulnes my hearty prayers shall not henceforth bee wanting to beseech the God & Father of all good gifts to supply with his all sufficiency according to his riches in glory by Christ Iesus your Spirit & body

with all happines length of days & prosperity to see peace vpon Israel & rejoycing therein with Ierusalem to sucke & bee satisfyed with the breasts of her Consolacions wherein I labour & will study to approve my selfe
               your Ladyshipps
                                Most humbly devoted
                                and obliged Servant
                                      I: D:
[Hartlib's hand:]
To the Right. Hon. the Lady
     Cecil   Countesse of Winchelse.